Friday, January 3, 2014

v1.1.4 Patch Note

Heya! Happy new year guys! This is a major update for HearthTracker.

Scanner improvements
  • The scanning flow is now very, very forgiving, it can basically pick up stats from any point of a match.
  • Improved game mode and result detection.
  • Scan only when Hearthstone window is detected, can disable through preferences.
  • Able to differentiate which deck is currently selected.

  • Notification UI implemented.
  • Added Decks Manager to manage and display win rate of the decks you're currently using.
  • Web Sync implemented (however site isn't live just yet)
  • You can now quickly edit the game result of your last match at menu bar.
  • Changed the colour scheme of the HearthTracker logo.
  • You're now required to select the game server you had played (and playing) on.
  • Fixed offsets saving.
  • You can now select "Unknown" as an option for game result and who went first in new/edit form.
  • Close button no longer exit the program, it minimized instead - use File -> Exit.
  • Improved sidebar formatting.
  • Fixed text output for Obs/xsplit/ffsplit.
  • Practice and Challenge mode stats can now be viewed individually.
  • Added the missing library to run on Linux platform.
  • Other minor bugs fixed.

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