Thursday, January 16, 2014

How to create translations for HearthTracker

In order to create translations for HearthTracker, you will need a proper text editor, I'd suggest you go with Sublime Text 2 (it is free for evaluation), or you can use Notepad++ which is free and open source.

Step 1.
First open up uiLangs.xml located inside the configs folder with a text editor,

You will see a bunch of code, don't worry it is very simple. Say you want to create a French translation, you will need to create an entry group, just like the screenshot. The first line wrapped by the string tag is the name of the language, the second line is the filename for the translation file. In this example, we used le français and french as the filename. After you finish editing the file, save and close it.

Step 2.
Start HearthTracker, go to Preferences, General, click User Interface Language, you should see the new language being added into the list. In our case, the French language. Select that and HearthTracker will reload itself. After that you will see the exact same interface because nothing has been translated yet. Click File -> exit. HearthTracker will generate a new language file when it is on its way exiting.

Step 3.
Open up the uiLangs folder located with inside configs folder. You will see a few xml files, all of these are the translations files for the corresponding languages. In step 2, HearthTracker had generated a new xml under the uiLangs  folder, which is called french.xml  . Now you want to open the file with a text editor,
You will see a familiar structure, however, now the first string tag represents the original form of the translation, it is being used to identify the transalated the strings, you should not change the first string tag. To translate the file, you need to edit the contents of the second string tag for every entry group.  It is recommended that you do it progressively, test, save, and always create backups. You can open up the simplified-chinese.xml as a reference.

Step 4.
Send me a copy of the translated language files (both uiLangs.xml and the corresponding language file) to my email listed below together with your name (or nickname) if you wish to be credited. Also, it is recommended that you put a version with your filename.

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  1. yes i dont know where is uiLangs.xm , no inside configs :(

    1. uiLangs.xml will be created once you run HearthTracker v1.1.8 (or future version) for at least once.