Monday, January 6, 2014

HearthTracker seeks your help!

First of all,  HearthTracker has gained a lot of traction recently. The blog daily traffic quadrupled since the late November, and the blog is now at 25,000 total views.

HearthTracker v1.1.3 alone has been downloaded for more than 5,000 times, and it certainly has surpasses that number on v1.1.5. A lot of the users had written back to praise and thanks me. Also, I just realized donation $2 on the late October and $3 just recently! I feel really flattered and truly appreciating the feedback!

I have coded HearrhTracker because I really love to play Hearthstone and wanted a way to track my performance easily. The wild growth is somehow unexpected which lead me into taking the project a little further...

The Web Integration!

Sneak Peak 01 - Work in progress 

I always wanted to take HearthTracker further by integrating it with the web service. I has been working on the spin-off project, the web integration since the early December 2013. The web integration allow you to upload your stats from multiple computers (or multiple copies of HearthTracker) easily and provide you a web interface to analyze your personal Hearthstone stats with greater depth and beautiful graphs.

Sneak Peak 02 - Work in progress 

For example, you can view the win rate breakdowns as X class against other classes. You can also view the collective stats categorized by server region, eg. the most picked heroes in arena, the average win rate of classes and other awesome stats.

However it is a tons of work, most people probably do not realize the amount of time and efforts needed to build and integrate both the app and the web service.  All of these, done by me alone. Further more the unexpected growth probably set the project back by a lot. According to my estimation the server I've leased will not be able to handle thousands of connections trying to use the Web Sync feature of the same time. I would need to lease more servers to handle that. Estimated monthly hosting cost are listed as below,

I will be leasing Linode cloud servers or equivalent if I can get enough donation.
Details of the hosting plans can be found on

Here’s where you come in

Through HearthTracker supporters (you) I can spend more time on the project to keep adding new features, fix bugs and make it better. This extra boost will also help me fund the upcoming Web Sync feature that will be released in a few weeks time, invest on better equipment to ease the development of HearthTracker, pay the replacement fee of my Macbook Air SSD which is already out of warranty so that I can work on the Mac version as well. Please make some donation if you wish to see the Web integration HearthTracker with even more awesome feature!

Supporter Tags

Donation of any amount is welcomed! Donation of $5 or more will get a supporter tag on your own stats page (public if you choose to) on the site. In order to get the tag when the web features are released, just leave your email at the donation note. Donation with $20 or more will get a premium supporter tag listed on your personal stat page on the site.

Paypal and Bitcoin are accept!

Support the project!
My Bitcoin address: 13pCxFXmJHt1PqX6yrfuYJUtbKqJfV3X7S

You can click the button above to donate!

I accept Bitcoin as well. However, there is no easy way for me to identify whose or where the originated from. If you've a few Satoshis lying around and willing to help you can donate to my Bitcoin address at  13pCxFXmJHt1PqX6yrfuYJUtbKqJfV3X7SPlease be reminded again Bitcoin donation is straightly unrewarded.


If anyone or organization want to collaborate with me or sponsor the project, please do talk with me via email me at the email displayed below so that we can work something out.


Finally, I want to thank you all for being supporters by downloading and using HearthTracker, but even a bigger thank to those who decided to support HearthTracking directly by donating. =)


  1. yay thanks for Great work.
    cheer from Japan :D

    1. ありがとう ございます
      (hopefully I get it right, i mean Thank you!)

  2. i am curious what you used to develop this awesome app? opencv api? mind to share?

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  4. Hi,

    I've sent you an email from, can you confirm that you've received it?

    Thank you

    1. Yes, I got it. Sorry that I haven't reply yet. I will be replying later on.

  5. Hey Mega Gaming,
    thanks alot for the app.
    I am using version 1.2.1 and it works like a charm.
    Please keep up the great work!

    Regards from Germany

  6. I'd like to translate your app to german for free. If you like, please contact me at zeus#2405 (