Thursday, January 16, 2014

Update v1.1.8! Multilingual User Interface!

HearthTracker in Traditional Chinese!
I just did a "small" (but time consuming) update which consists of some internal changes and refactored a bunch of code which I consider doing as the project goes on.

The most notable new feature is the multilingual module for the user interface and finished translating the UI into both Simplified 简体 and Traditional 繁體 Chinese. Perhaps, it is one of the most requested feature of all time, I am glad that I've finally completed it!

If you wish to help others who can't understand English, you can offer your help by translating HearthTracker into language(s) you're familiar with.

To start translating, you can refer the guide, how to create translation for HearthTracker.


  1. could you add "unknown alert" ?
    i want to edit stats,as soon as "unknown stats" are recorded!

  2. and background color change for "unknown-included stats"
    will be cool, also.

    sorry for devided post.

  3. I can not get your program to work on OS X. I have tried installing Oracle's latest Java 7 JDK and various other things. :( When I start up your application for the first time, it asks me for my region and then hangs. Any further attempt to run it just causes your app to hang.

  4. Starting from this update, arenas are tracked incorrectly. It keeps tracking while I'm playing, but it doesn't detect when I finish arena so I need to add arena run manually. When I lose last match I receive alert about loosing that match but arena keeps showing as live with score 3-2 or similar.

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