Monday, February 3, 2014


Bugs fixed
  • Arena results will now saved correctly (well... at least until 7 wins, as that is as far as I went since the release of the new scan engine)
  • Fixed an issue where HT sometimes produces duplicate match results due to residue short term memory not being flushed in the correct order.
  • Creating new match records with lose as the result will now save correctly as lose.
  • Current Log Level is now being displayed correctly in the UI.
  • Now able show Hero vs Hero stats at the overview table.
  • Now able to combine coin/no coin & heroes filter for arena mode ( 7+ wins % will be excluded though)  at the overview table.
  • Since HearthTracker no longer requires to scan game languages specified regions of the game. It is no longer reads from game language specified XML file, now reads from gameLangs/default.xml instead.