Friday, January 3, 2014

Mistake were made! v1.1.5a to rescue!

I am sorry that I packed a wrong image file into v1.1.5 which make it failed to detect unranked(casual) mode. I've just repacked v1.1.5 as v1.1.5a with the image file corrected. If you do play casual mode, please download the repacked version.

 Download HearthTracker v1.1.5a


  1. Hey ,I want to tell you ,that program of 1.1.5a version stats doesn't work(not counting anything). Just tried 1.1.4 verssion and all good. I think you made some mistakes. Waiting for update.

    Best regards

    1. May I know what is your Hearthstone resolution? I am currently using v1.1.5a, and it is able to track stats correctly.

    2. All fine now. What i did is just REdownloaded this version again.
      i think first time it happend, because i tried to open with sandbox and it may have made those results.
      Anyway thanks for amazing program.