Friday, January 10, 2014

Stats overlay for stream

Did you know you can overlay your stats on top of your stream by adding the text files to your text plugin of your broadcast software?

To do so, just go to the output folder of HearthTracker, from there you can add text files as an overlay for your stream.

Please refer to your broadcast software official guide on how to overlay text files if you're not sure.

Finally, HearthTracker seeks your help!


  1. I tried to do this once I first saw the output folder, but I don't understand the output methods. My folder has about 32 files, and I'm not sure which one is for what, and it regularly seems to add more?

    1. Each file represents a line of your stats in sideboard, just double click the files to check the contents, you include all of them or select a few.

  2. is it alright to help make hearthstone tracker to detect daily quest 100 gold when login, and play an alert sound?

  3. Hearth Tracker doesn't work after the update?